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Dr. Wall Worcester Yellow Ground Dessert Dish

One very fine Dr. Wall Worcester yellow ground dessert dish, moulded as an arcaded basket picked out in puce against a yellow honeycomb moulded ground, a spray of vine leaves growing from a twig handle at both ends, the center painted with an exotic butterfly, a winged insect and a small convolvulus sprig, C. 1758-1760, perfect condition,measuring 11 7/8" long (30cm) x 8 3/4" wide (22.2cm); See John Sandon, "The Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain, Volume I, 1751-1851" , P. 366-367 for this dessert dish.


Inventory Number: 410.36
Price: $26,500.00
Dimensions: 11 7/8 x 8 3/4


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