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Patinated Bronze Figure of Cincinnatus or Jason

Fine and rare patinated bronze figure of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus or Jason, more widely known as "The Sandalbinder", after the antique, C.1870. This figure was believed to be Cincinnatus from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. Cincinnatus was the patriot summoned from his small farm to take command of the Roman armies against the Sabines and become dictator of the city. Another attribution of this figure is thought to be the travelling hero Jason who is described at the start of the first book of "Argonautica" as alarming Pelias by wearing, as the oracle fortold,only one sandal; This figure measures 25 1/2" high (64.8cm), 13 1/2" wide (34.3cm) and now resides in the Musee du Louvre,Paris; See Francis Haskell & Nocholas Penny, "Taste and The Antique" , Yale University Press, London 1981, illustrated and discussed p.182 and 183;


Inventory Number: 650.266
Price: $8,900.00
Dimensions: 13 1/2 x 25 1/2


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